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Stories by Matt Asay

How open source changed everything - again

We are all open sourcerors now. Let’s look back​ at some of the most significant open source innovations that got us here.

Written by Matt Asay27 Nov. 19 22:00

AI gets real (sort of) in the enterprise

Turns out AI isn’t magic pixie dust to sprinkle over legacy processes and legacy tech, but a fundamental rethinking of how to do business

Written by Matt Asay18 Sept. 19 20:00

VMware vSphere goes Kubernetes native

A re-architecture of vSphere with a Kubernetes control plane, Project Pacific looks like Kubernetes to developers and vSphere to admins

Written by Matt Asay26 Aug. 19 22:00

Alibaba Cloud faces a steep challenge outside China

Alibaba’s cloud is the No. 3 public cloud globally—not Google—and it seeks to displace AWS as No. 1. But in China it is protected from competition through government ties

Written by Matt Asay06 Nov. 17 22:00