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Stories by Zach Miners

Twitter, to curb abuse, lets users share block lists

Twitter, to reduce abusive content on its site, is letting users share lists of the people they block, so they can more easily silence those account holders on their own profiles.

Written by Zach Miners11 June 15 04:40

Facebook letting more stores ping your phone when you're inside

You might find yourself browsing more than the shelves at your local store, if Facebook knows you're there. It's expanding a location-aware program that will let businesses pop information into the top of your news feed.

Written by Zach Miners09 June 15 07:07

New Airbnb tool helps hosts figure out how much to charge

Roughly half a million people now stay in AirBnB accommodations worldwide each night, double the number from a year ago. But a big question AirBnB hosts wrestle with is how much they should charge their guests.

Written by Zach Miners05 June 15 06:20

Uber CEO admits company is not perfect

Uber has made enemies in the five years its cars have been on the road. Safety concerns have sparked lawsuits from regulators, its data collection practices have landed it in hot water, and CEO Travis Kalanick can’t seem to shake his spoiled brat image.

Written by Zach Miners04 June 15 13:02

This startup promises a better way to buy or sell a used car

Who wants to buy a used car through eBay or Craigslist, when you need a mechanic to inspect it? Buying through a dealer can also be intimidating and expensive, with sales reps often having unclear agendas.

Written by Zach Miners03 June 15 15:55