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Stories by Zach Miners

What do people hate most about the new Yahoo Mail?

When Yahoo Mail turned 16 earlier this month, the company celebrated by giving it a new, Gmail-like interface. It might now wish that it hadn't -- thousands of users have taken to the Web to complain about things they don't like.

Written by Zach Miners18 Oct. 13 23:01

Facebook lets teenagers share posts publicly

Teenagers on Facebook might want to take a little more time perfecting their next "selfie," because they can now broadcast it to the world.

Written by Zach Miners16 Oct. 13 22:37

Twitter's take on TV: 'We make it better'

Twitter, with an IPO looming, needs to make money. To do that, a key focus is being placed on advertising and promoted content around television, the company signaled on Tuesday.

Written by Zach Miners15 Oct. 13 22:29

Report: Broadcasters ask high court to shut down Aereo TV streaming service

A cadre of prominent broadcasters including ABC and CBS petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday to shut down Aereo, a television streaming service, alleging that Aereo infringes their copyrights and puts their businesses at risk, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Written by Zach Miners11 Oct. 13 23:28

Soon, everyone will be searchable on Facebook

In a matter of weeks, everyone on Facebook will be searchable by name. But you'll still have ways to control who sees your content, as long as you can navigate Facebook's web of privacy controls.

Written by Zach Miners10 Oct. 13 23:43

Twitter appears to try out a news delivery service

Twitter is known to experiment with new features to give its users more ways to find and follow content. Here's what appears to be the latest: a news delivery service.

Written by Zach Miners11 Oct. 13 08:25