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Stories by Zach Miners

New York City eases limits on Uber's growth

The mayor of New York City has reached an agreement with Uber, dropping plans for a strict cap on its growth that would have limited the number of cars available in the city.

Written by Zach Miners23 July 15 08:26

Twitter will reconvene Flight for mobile developers

Last year, Twitter sought to broaden the reach of its software by giving outside developers new tools at its first Flight conference. This year the company will try again, as the pressure on it to grow its user base has only increased.

Written by Zach Miners23 July 15 05:10

New York judge rules against Facebook in search warrant case

A New York judge ruled Tuesday that Facebook has no legal standing to challenge the constitutionality of search warrants served on its users, highlighting the limits to online companies' abilities to protect user privacy.

Written by Zach Miners22 July 15 10:51

Massachusetts examining how Uber, Lyft cater to the disabled

The Massachusetts attorney general's office has launched an examination into how Uber and Lyft cater to people with disabilities, potentially creating more regulatory problems for the ride-hailing companies.

Written by Zach Miners18 July 15 09:44

Homejoy's loss could be Google's gain

Homejoy, the at-home cleaning service that's one of a new breed of startups serving as a broker of on-demand services, is shutting down, as companies in that category face legal challenges aimed at forcing them to classify freelancers as employees.

Written by Zach Miners18 July 15 06:23

Here's how Google wants you to buy stuff on mobile

Google is rolling out a new service that lets users buy retail items directly from the search results page on mobile devices, in an effort to make mobile search more useful and give advertisers a new way to attract customers.

Written by Zach Miners16 July 15 04:27

Most Google de-listing requests are from everyday folk, leaked data shows

Newly leaked figures reveal that the vast majority of people who exercised their right to be "forgotten" by Google's services in Europe are everyday members of the public, with just 5 percent of requests coming from criminals, politicians and high-profile public figures.

Written by Zach Miners15 July 15 07:44