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Stories by Rich Hein

How to Prepare for (and Ace) the Technical Interview

As developers and IT pros you need to do all the things everyone else does to prepare for a job interview such as update and focus your resume as well as work on your communication and presentation skills. However, you also have the technical interview to deal with.

Written by Rich Hein27 Aug. 13 15:24

Nine ways to ace the IT executive interview

Your networking and resume work has paid off. You finally landed an interview for your dream job as an IT executive and you couldn't be more excited. The only thing that stands between you and the executive washroom is the interview itself.

Written by Rich Hein12 Aug. 13 14:06

Eight skills you need to be a successful IT executive

The skills that helped you become an IT pro and climb the ladder aren't the same skills you need to succeed in the C-suite. Learn the skills necessary to break through to the top.

Written by Rich Hein23 July 13 07:19

10 ways to be an authentic IT leader

If you follow the news you can find a litany of examples of poor leadership. People are distrustful or cynical of today's leadership and many times with good reason. That's why being an authentic leader is so important.

Written by Rich Hein16 July 13 06:14

13 Steps to Help You Deal With Losing Your IT Job

Most would agree that losing financial stability is the worst of it. Whether you're single, a sole provider or married with kids, just the thought of suddenly being unemployed can bring many sleepless nights. However, beyond the financial impact, we oftentimes don't consider how much of our identity is tied to what we do professionally.

Written by Rich Hein10 July 13 05:29

How to Apply Transformational Leadership at Your Company

To be a leader and manager you need to have a solid understanding of things such as project management, organizational skills, managing employees and monitoring their performance, but even masters of these skills aren't necessarily transformational leaders. These skills are simply the foundation on which a transformational leader is most effective.

Written by Rich Hein19 June 13 14:16

How to Better Engage Millennials (and Why They Aren't Really so Different)

Millennials aren't so different. That isn't to say that they don't come from a different place than previous generations and that there aren't significant differences in their perspective, but when you get down to the core principles of what millennials want in the workplace, they want what any good employee would want from his or her employer.

Written by Rich Hein12 June 13 14:50

How to Use Gamification to Engage Employees

Gamification is the process of using game thinking and game mechanics to solve problems and engage users, according to Gabe Zichermann, author of the upcoming book "The Gamification Revolution" and founder of Dopamine, a consulting agency focused on gamified campaigns for employees and consumers.

Written by Rich Hein06 June 13 14:52

The six skills, habits and traits of successful CIOs

Most people say they like to be at the top of the heap of the IT management food chain, but with the CIO title comes great responsibility, accountability and pressure.

Written by Rich Hein17 April 13 22:00

Top tips for making self-evaluations useful

Whether you're a manager or employee, reviews aren't a particularly popular subject and with them comes the often-despised self-evaluation. You may ask yourself: "How can I shine the best spotlight on my performance without coming off like a braggart?" And you also may justifiably wonder, "What is it used for." Never fear: We've talked with experts and done the research to take the mystery out of this oft-misused piece of HR paperwork.

Written by Rich Hein10 April 13 22:00

IT Career Tips to Avoid the Job Hopper Label

Times have changed in the IT job market. It used to be that being labeled a "job hopper" could have serious effect on your career potential, but in today's economy with corporate downsizings, big business bankruptcies and startup failures even some of the best employees have had the rug pulled out from under them. And it's not unusual for it to happen more than once to good IT workers.

Written by Rich Hein02 April 13 14:56

12 networking tips for shy and anti-social IT pros

Being an introvert isn't the end of the world or your career. However, to be successful in the IT field today, you've got to overcome shyness and learn that it's OK to ask for (and offer) help.

Written by Rich Hein19 Feb. 13 14:40