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Stories by Mike Elgan

Why Facebook Messenger will fail as a 'platform'

Now we know why Facebook ripped Messenger out of the mobile version of the Facebook app last April: Messenger was destined to become a "platform" in its own right, complete with an API and developer program to help and encourage software companies to make Facebook Messenger-specific apps.

Written by Mike Elgan28 March 15 22:08

The hottest wireless technology is now sound!

Using sound for transferring data is nothing new. In the 1940s, when IBM tried to solve the problem of how to use regular telephone lines to connect two computers, it figured out a way to convert data into sound, send the sound over the phone and then convert it back into data. (Yes, I'm talking about the modem.)

Written by Mike Elgan20 Dec. 14 23:09

Why Amazon Echo is the future of every home

Amazon surprised everyone Thursday by unceremoniously launching a product called <a href="http://www.amazon.com/oc/echo">Echo</a>.

Written by Mike Elgan08 Nov. 14 23:09

Why Google+ is the place for passions

The single biggest controversy about social media, and one that has persisted for two or three years now without resolution, is whether <a href="https://plus.google.com">Google+</a> is a dying wasteland of non-activity, or a hive of conversation and engagement.

Written by Mike Elgan11 Oct. 14 21:34

Rise of the Planet of the Lockscreens

The humble lockscreen is about to become the most important interface on your smartphone, says columnist Mike Elgan.

Written by Mike Elgan19 July 14 21:21

Why Android Wear is the new iPad

Columnist Mike Elgan tested a smartwatch with Android Wear and said he has experienced a culture-changing platform.

Written by Mike Elgan28 June 14 21:22

The hottest trend in mobile: going offline!

The consumer electronics industry has spent the last 20 years making everything connect wirelessly to the Internet -- from PCs to TVs, cameras to speakers.

Written by Mike Elgan24 May 14 21:13

The rise of vagueness as a service

An unexpected trend is emerging in technology. Information presented to the user is growing vague. Columnist Mike Elgan explains why.

Written by Mike Elgan10 May 14 21:10

Why the social networks are falling apart

The social networks are falling apart -- breaking up into multiple sites and apps that do in a scattered way what used to happen centrally.

Written by Mike Elgan26 April 14 21:19

Four reasons Microsoft is a new company

There's no question that today's Microsoft is a whole new company. Many of the changes announced under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella were initiated under his predecessor, Steve Ballmer. But it's clear that it's a whole new Microsoft.

Written by Mike Elgan05 April 14 22:24