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Stories by Mike Elgan

Software is eating the food world

Put down that lab-grown meat burger and slimy Soylent shake. Silicon Valley has a better idea than freaky fake food.

Written by Mike Elgan24 Dec. 16 23:00

Why you want Google's Allo

Reviews are mixed on Google's latest communication app. Here's what the reviewers aren't telling you.

Written by Mike Elgan24 Sept. 16 21:00

Google Glass strikes back

Mocked and shunned by society for wearing Google's dorky face upgrade, Google Glass fans were right all along.

Written by Mike Elgan20 Aug. 16 21:00

How to end online harassment

The wisdom of the crowd is showing the way to a harassment-free social Internet: Bring back the "walled garden."

Written by Mike Elgan06 June 16 20:00

Is it Google's job to fix society?

Social problems exist. Sexism, social stigmatization, crime and other problems have always plagued humanity.

Written by Mike Elgan13 July 15 20:12

How new haptics tech will move you

Now that the Apple Watch is finally out in the wild, millions will be experiencing the next big thing for user interfaces. Call it "haptics plus."

Written by Mike Elgan27 April 15 20:34

Inside Apple's future iPhone camera

I've got an iPhone 6 Plus, and there's no getting around an obvious fact: The camera is pretty great.

Written by Mike Elgan21 April 15 02:02