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Stories by Shane O'Neill

How to prepare for Windows 8 even though it's not coming to enterprises

Windows 8 won't be adopted as a standard at your business anytime soon, according to a new Forrester report. But that doesn't mean IT shouldn't prepare for it to sneak through the BYOD side door. Here are five ways to be ready for Windows 8.

Written by Shane O'Neill20 May 13 20:08

Microsoft Q&A: With Windows 8, the choice is yours

During the Windows 8 keynote at Microsoft TechEd 2012 in Orlando, Corporate VP of Windows Web Services Antoine Leblond took attendees through a breakneck tour of Microsoft's new OS.

Written by Shane O'Neill12 June 12 22:00

Microsoft in 2012: All eyes on Windows 8

While 2011 was not a breakthrough year for Microsoft products, the company held steady amid criticism regarding its absence from the tablet market, its late arrival to the cloud, and low sales for Windows Phones.

Written by Shane O'Neill21 Dec. 11 08:39

Tablets in the enterprise: risks and rewards

The Apple iPad was only released 18 months ago, but the swift proliferation of the tablet PC is already changing the way businesses think about user productivity.

Written by Shane O'Neill03 Dec. 11 22:00

Windows XP to Windows 8: Don't go there

A majority of enterprises have migrated to Windows 7 or are planning to do so. But for Windows XP holdouts ready to side-step Windows 7 for the upcoming Windows 8 OS, you are risking a gap in support, stresses research firm Gartner in a new "first take" analysis of Windows 8 migration in the enterprise.

Written by Shane O'Neill22 Sept. 11 07:17

'Consumerisation of IT' taking its toll on IT managers

"Consumerisation of IT" may be an overused phrase, but it is by no means a fad. Workers nationwide are coming to expect that personal devices will connect to corporate networks.

Written by Shane O'Neill15 Sept. 11 22:00

Five cures for what ails IT

Your IT department may be armed with bright and ambitious employees, but that doesn't mean the group will be efficient.

Written by Shane O'Neill04 Sept. 11 22:00

Should Microsoft buy Nokia?

A hot-button question lately in the rapidly-growing smartphone market: Can a company succeed at selling smartphones and tablets without owning the software and the hardware?

Written by Shane O'Neill25 Aug. 11 22:00

No end in sight for IE enterprise slide

A new study of corporate operating system and browser trends by Forrester Research reveals both good news and bad news for Microsoft.

Written by Shane O'Neill22 June 11 22:00

How Windows 8 will challenge enterprise IT

Microsoft has presented the Windows 8 user interface and displayed various devices on which the next version of Windows will run.

Written by Shane O'Neill04 June 11 02:58

Will Skype be another Microsoft license gotcha?

After Microsoft acquired Skype earlier this month for $8.5 billion, most of the questions revolved around how Skype's IM, voice and video calling features will fit into Microsoft enterprise products such as Outlook and Lync.

Written by Shane O'Neill24 May 11 06:39

MS Office alternatives: Many are trying, few are buying

When it comes to deploying Microsoft Office alternatives such as Google Apps, Zoho or Lotus Symphony, enterprise IT managers are in a state of intense curiosity but are still not ready for widespread adoption, according to a new Forrester research report entitled "Market Update: Office Productivity Alternatives."

Written by Shane O'Neill13 May 11 05:18