Tim Reed exits MYOB, Greg Ellis steps into CEO role

Tim Reed

Tim Reed

After 16 years with MYOB including 12 years as CEO, Tim Reed has decided to step down and will transition his responsibilities to Greg Ellis.

Ellis, who was most recently CEO of Scout 24 AG, will take over the role in September.

MYOB is an iconic Australian and New Zealand technology business with a strong growth trajectory that is well positioned to capitalise on new areas of growth, says Ellis.

“The opportunity to join MYOB just as the business starts its next phase of development, coupled with supportive investors and a clear go forward strategy, is a really exciting proposition.”

Reed will assume the role of advisor and continue to support MYOB’s business strategy. 

“MYOB is a great business with a fantastic team and serving as CEO for the past 12 years has been an absolute privilege,” says Reed, in a statement.

“In that time, we’ve transformed from being a provider of desktop solutions to a leading online subscription business and our Connected Practice strategy defines a new era for our industry. 

“MYOB is now at an inflection point, meaning it is the right moment for me to step down in order to let the next CEO own and drive the transformation project forward.”

Scott Bookmyer, MYOB board member and head of KKR Australia, says MYOB will continue to benefit from Reed’s expertise and vision in his capacity as an advisor to the company. 

“Tim’s leadership at the helm of MYOB for the past 12 years has built a truly great and innovative technology company that is positioned for exciting growth,” says Bookmyer.

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