Carmen Casagranda takes Asia Pacific CIO role at Cigna

Moves from Wellington to Hong Kong

Cigna NZ CIO Carmen Casagranda is moving to Hong Kong to become the lead CIO Asia Pacific for the global insurer.

Casagranda has been CIO at Cigna New Zealand for nearly three-and-a-half years, stepping up from national IT manager.

She was tasked to lead Cigna NZ’s digital transformation programme, and essentially held the combined role of CIO, chief digital officer and chief technology officer.

She ascribes to the oft-repeated quote, that “The only constant is change”, and more so in the contemporary workplace.

“Managing complex change is inevitable across all sectors of business today and across all business units delivering the company’s products and services,” she says, in an interview for the 2018 CIO100, the annual report on the country’s most innovative ICT leaders.

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