Air New Zealand joins Unisys cargo portal services

Expands cargo bookings around the world through cloud-based e-booking portal

Air New Zealand has joined Unisys Cargo Portal Services (CPS) to allow the airline’s current and prospective freight forwarder clients to book and track shipments online.

Unisys’ CPS is an online portal that enables freight forwarders to interact with multiple carriers via a single website to view availability, make bookings and track shipments as well as other electronic services such as producing IATA electronic Air Waybills (e-AWB) and interacting with customs systems.

Unisys says CPS will expand Air New Zealand Cargo’s reach to the more than 6,000 forwarders and shippers from 3,750 branch offices of 2,200 companies who are active users of CPS, across 330 cities in 105 countries.

Air New Zealand Cargo operates more than 590 international flights per week, serving 32 cities in 18 countries around the globe, using the airline’s passenger schedule.

It has three dedicated international cargo terminals in New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, as well as a North American hub in Los Angeles, with gateways in Honolulu, Houston, San Francisco and Vancouver. Goods range from high technology and time-sensitive goods to fresh produce and general cargo.

“It is not just about delivering boxes,” says Tony Windever, vice president, Unisys Asia Pacific, in a statement.

“The freight might be fresh food, fragile pharmaceuticals or valuable items so freight forwarders need to be able to be able to quickly view availability and book shipments with reliable airlines such as Air New Zealand so that it is delivered where it is needed.

“We draw on our experience working with the air cargo industry globally to provide advanced and relevant technology solutions that support carriers, like Air New Zealand, and their customers.”

Air New Zealand has used the cloud-based Unisys Logistics Management System (LMS) to manage its air cargo business since 2010.

Dheeraj Kholi, vice president and global lead of travel and transportation for Unisys, explains that as the airline already uses Unisys LMS, it can leverage the data in the cargo operations system to bring them online quickly.

“Because they pay on a transaction basis, costs relate directly to value. Both of these benefits are clear examples of how cloud-based services are transforming the air cargo industry,” states Kholi.

Unisys says its systems process more than 20 percent of the world’s air cargo shipments.

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