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Stories by Melissa Riofrio

Windows XP survival guide: How to upgrade (or not)

It's coming: XPocalypse--the end of Microsoft's support of Windows XP on April 8. Anyone who still has a PC with Windows XP is either scrambling to figure out what to do with it--or in some state of blissful denial about it all. Or, they are lashing themselves to the mast of their old XP schooner, determined to ride out the storm.

Written by Melissa Riofrio06 April 14 02:41

A thin lifeline for XP users: New Malwarebytes suite will support the older OS

As Malwarebytes announces its new Anti-Malware Premium suite Monday morning, it comes with a nice present for Windows XP users: lifetime support. Perhaps it isn't entirely surprising given that, according to the company, 20 percent of its user base remains on Windows XP. Microsoft is actually extending malware support well beyond the XPocalypse date of April 8th, but knowing other companies have your back is a rare bright spot.

Written by Melissa Riofrio24 March 14 12:50