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Stories by IDGNS News Staff

New CIO? Your transition playbook in 10 (not-so-easy) steps

What you accomplish in the first six months of taking over an IT leadership role is critical. The following 10 steps will help you navigate the rocky transition, get your IT house in order and set a clear path toward a strong strategic future.

Written by IDGNS News Staff12 Sept. 18 22:00

What is the cyber kill chain?

Concerned about your network defense? Watch this short video to learn the 7 stages of the cyber kill chain, a framework created by Lockheed Martin to outline the phases of a targeted cyberattack.

Written by IDGNS News Staff16 Dec. 17 06:26

IPhone X face ID stumble at launch

The Face ID function appeared to fail during the iPhone X launch, but the reality was slightly different.

Written by IDGNS News Staff15 Sept. 17 06:00

Apple's new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Apple's iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are upgrades on the iPhone 7 with wireless charging, a new glass rear and updates throughout.

Written by IDGNS News Staff13 Sept. 17 22:00

How to delete Google from your life

Get rid of Google by deleting your account information and searching for alternative services.

Written by IDGNS News Staff07 Sept. 17 22:05

How the dark web has gone corporate

Some criminals on the dark web are taking their cues from the practices of corporate IT. Illicit offerings run the gamut from code that buyers have to implement themselves to turnkey solutions and consulting services. Here’s a look at what’s out there.

Written by IDGNS News Staff29 July 17 06:02

Stop blaming users for security misses

Does the message to users about security need to change? Or does IT need to rebuild infrastructure so users can worry less about security? Wendy Nather, principal security strategist at Duo Security, talks with CSO senior writer Fahmida Rashid about how organizations can learn to do security right.

Written by IDGNS News Staff26 July 17 22:02

CIO Career Coach: Be A Good Story Teller

Stories are the most powerful communication devices available. Tell better stories, and you’ll become a better CIO.

Written by IDGNS News Staff19 July 17 09:18

The 15 worst data security breaches of the 21st century

Some of the largest companies in the U.S. have been targets of hackers, including Yahoo, JP Morgan Chase and TJX. Watch as we detail the top 15 breaches and their overall impact on customers or employees.

Written by IDGNS News Staff13 July 17 22:00

The next wave of IoT innovations

Tom Soderstrom talks about the cutting-edge work happening at Jet Propulsion Lab in the emerging field of internet of things.

Written by IDGNS News Staff06 July 17 06:04

Ten years of the iPhone

A fast-paced look back at ten years of iPhone unveilings, launches and news.

Written by IDGNS News Staff29 June 17 22:00

CIO Career Coach: Changing the culture in IT

If you don't own your organization's culture, one will manifest itself. And changes need to come from the top. CIO.com contributor Martha Heller discusses the challenges IT leaders face when shaping the culture.

Written by IDGNS News Staff04 May 17 06:12